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1990 saw us break into the world of purebred dog sports. I originaly started in Obedience with a cross Stafford pet we aquired from the pound. Yogi met an early unfortuate death and from there I purchased my first registered Stafford.

Lorenfel Jasper introduced me to the world of conformation shows, a very tidy little dog he always faired well at both allbreeds and specialty shows. I also enjoyed obedience with Bronson and have the utmost delight in being able to claim the first dual titled Staffordshire Bull Terrier in ACT. Bronson was awarded his Australian Championship at 14 months and with the very next week, qualified for his Companion dog title with the minimum requirement of 3 qualifying scores of 170 or more out of 200.This entitled him to the Dumbar award which is a special award for ACT dogs who excel in both breed and obedience His lowest score was in fact 184! A feat yet to be emulated as far as I am aware!

Unfortunately, Bronson was stolen from our yard and after 18months of blood sweat and buckets of tears, we finally accepted we would never see him again. A very sad time indeed. I continued with my own obedience training and went on to do both level 1 and 2 Instructors courses.

I did aquire another stafford by the name of Gamester its the Wizard who renewed my interest. Wizzy was a lovely mate who came to us after needing to be rehomed due to a marital breakdown.

We also ended up with a beautifuly bred bitch who had a very unsettled life. She was Jackstaff Baileys Cream (mummy's favourite!) A super bitch with a cracking headpiece, the union of these 2 dogs produced our first homebred Champion in Aust Ch Talbra A Kinda Magic, the rest as they say is history!

1997 saw my daughter Taleah start to handle baby puppies and in junior handlers which she then progressed to her own choice of breed for handlers which was of a more appropriate size in the Boston Terrier.

Abigail (CH Crucin Romance) was Taleah's first handlers dog with whom she did a lot of winning including Sydney Royal, Canberra Royal, ACT Federation show and many others.

We now have 2 breeds here at Talbra, these being American Cocker Spaniels and Boston Terriers, with Taleah now my partner.

We are eternally grateful to all those in the dog world we have learnt from. Good, bad or indifferent every day is another learning experience. We have made some very special friends with strong loyal bonds and some not so loyal but who have still provided us with a learning curve. In the meantime, the mother and daughter team at Talbra continue to enjoy the sport of dog showing and obedience with Taleah now starting obedience with her American Cocker Spaniel.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site.

Please note we do occasionally have Boston puppies available to special homes so enquiries are most welcome .